Reality Tv Shows.

I Just dont get them! What is the deal with reality TV shows. In this rant of mine I will be solely focussing on The only way is Essex and Made in Chelsea. (I refuse to say motherfucking towie!) does Made in Chelsea have short? When it comes to these shows I have unfortunatly like […]

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People on the roads

At the risk of sounding one dimensional im back with another road related thing that annoys me. (Hold the applause until you have read it.) So its been a fair few months since I have graced the blogging stage to write another piontless article however I feel like a new subject is making my blood […]

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Motorways… The M3

I promised it, and now I am going to make good on that promise. The M3. The M3 is a motorway that connects outer London to Southampton. A road that I quite frequently use for work and also for leisure purposes. Before I get into ripping into the long stretch of road I understand that […]

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London Congestion Charge

Now tonight Matthew I am going to rant about the London Calamity that is the Congestion Charge. For some of you this may not or ever be a problem for you and it has only affected me the once. Only being affected once by this Charge you may be wondering why I choose to rant […]

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Michael fucking Buble

This is another area where I believeĀ  I am bang on the money with and the title expresses my hated for this guy. Over the years Many people have exploited the wonderful time that is Christmas. These include shops, hallmark and our jolly old st nick. But Michael BubleĀ  is the number one Man in […]

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